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Riethuiskraal Stud Farm

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Kransfontein Estate

Riethuiskraal and Kransfontein lie on opposite sides of the Goukou river. The farms making up Kransfontein were originally Birdsong, Muffets and Milkwood. These farms were collected by Wilbur Smith over many years. In 2000 the farms were purchased by Altus Joubert who enlarged the property by adding Drie Heuwels to it. The estate was developed into an olive farm. The lands nestling against the river are also used to cultivate some of the lucerne used at Riethuiskraal.

The olives are all estate grown, pressed and the oil bottled at Kransfontein. The Mission, Coratina and Frantoio cultivars are harvested, pressed and bottled separately.

The Mission trees, originally from Spain, were imported by Jesuit fathers and Franciscan monks and established at mission stations throughout the America’s. Oil produced from Mission olives typically has a soft and delicate flavour. The attractive round dark purple fruit are also the most popular table olives in South Africa.

Coratina olive trees were imported some decades ago from the Puglia region, popularly known as the heel of Italy. The fruit is medium sized and egg shaped. The strong peppery flavour of Coratina olives is attributed to its high polyphenol levels. The olive oil is strong, fruity and peppery and loved by the connoisseur.

Frantoio is a popular variety of olive oil produced from trees imported from Tuscany, Italy. Frantoio produces high quality olive oil that has long been a worldwide favourite. This well balanced and fruity oil has a very long shelf life. The fruit is small and oval shaped.


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Croquet Day

For the Past Decade the 2nd of January has been Croquet Day at Birdsong


De Kraaltje

De Kraaltje is a 220 ha farm some 30 km from Riethuiskraal. It lies at the foot of the Langeberg mountains between Riversdale and Albertinia. The farm has also been developed as a stud farm, but is mainly used to cultivate the oat-hay used at Riethuiskraal. From time to time other crops e.g. canola are cultivated in accordance with good farming practice. A small band of Hereford cattle graze on the stubblefields.




A Story Told by “Then” and “Now”


Ocean Scenes Close to the Stud